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My plan of turning into fish is working well :D. But seriously, I’ve been swimming more than usually last week, I’ve found new pool and got new ways to cook healthy. But once again Sunday turned out to be too short, so the summary post is delayed.


Keeping to high paced workouts last week, burned 8700 kcal in 19 training sessions. It took over 11 hours. 21% of that time was held in zone 4, 30% in zone 3. My weight dropped to 75kg once, with further fat percentage drop as well (20.3% now).


I’ve been swimming a lot recently. Turned out, that I have a quite nice and cheap 25 meters long swimming pool near my place. I got back to zero to 1.5k swim program, this time all done with front crawl, week 3 of the program at the moment. On Sunday I went for a longer swim, 4 x 100m for warm up with 12 breaths in between and 4 x 400m with 10 breaths. I’m starting to believe that I’ll be ready for 1.5k swim in July :D

I’ve also used my tri suit for a first time and I must say that it’s actually quite comfortable to swim in it.

That’s the one I got on the Triathlon Show for a nice price.

After time change I'm going to sing up for open water classes, can't wait!


If you live in UK, get Tesco Pyrex dishes, they have very good offer now. I’ve bought steam dish and pot for 15£ or so, and 'cause of that last Sunday cooking was steam meat, steam dishes, steam tea :). Ok, not the tea. Tastes good, needs no attention and is healthy - what more to need.


Ok, seriously. I want a freaking spring already. I mean, look at that!

Watch that

That made me laugh so badly...