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You know if you’re busy when you have no time to write week summary on Sunday :D. Last week went damn fast and I don’t even know how it happened. I’ve learned few things about recovery after my first ever run and I’ve been trying to put few advices from Triathlon Show into practice.

The run

You can check all photos from the whole event (not only the run) here:
Gallery 1, Gallery 2

Training plan adjustments

It seems that I’m focusing on running too much. After all, swimming and cycling will take majority of time and energy. Also, at one of seminars Mark Kleanthous talked about interval runs and why they are not giving that big benefit. Interval runs in general are meant to develop speed, while what I need is endurance and sustainability.

I’m not going to ditch my whole plan or change it completely, just a minor adjustments. I’ll make Friday a recovery day (or climbing if I ever get back to it :p), Saturday a long run or long cycle and Sunday a long swim and long run / Cycle (depending on Saturday). On Monday I will go easy with core exercises and some short swim. Other than that, everything stays the same.


I really see progress there. Last Sunday I've managed to swim 2 kilometers below one hour, all with front crawl. Two months ago that wouldn't be even remotely possible. I will still do whatever I'm doing with swimming, 'cause it seems to be working :D


Like, SERIOUSLY?? What the hell is going on. Two photos, one from yesterday morning, another one from today:

Yes, both of them are from London. Yes, it is March and yes, it was snowing. The second one might look like a great weather, but it was still around -1 celsius with tearing the ass off wind!

But, on a bright side - I got HD HERO 3 camera, so expect some training footage soon :D.