Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

The lazy time is finally over. Jokes aside, I wanted to have a calm week before the storm. I've been still going to the gym almost everyday, but haven’t done much swimming or running and on top of that I only got my bike back on Wednesday. But I finally know what I’m standing on in terms of Virgin Active London Triathlon and I've set up next four weeks of training.

Last week stats

Like I've said, not that much. 11 sessions, 4800 calories, little over 6 hours of workout in total. I just want to point out, that it still was around hour of workout per day. Funny, that it’s considered a “no workout week” now. I love it!


The only run I did was a 5 km test. As you might know, one of my goals is to hit 18 minutes mark for 5 km run. Well, there is a lot to be done there, since my current time is 22:58. Interval runs, here I come. For next weeks I’m planning to run 5 times per week, a mix of tempo, interval and basic runs. I hope to increase total distance and break 50 km per week.


The plan is to introduce interval training to the swimming once per week and also to have at least one weekly session with swimming coach. After all, how often do you have a chance to get lessons from someone holding few national records in swimming? I’m quite sure that this will be painful clash with reality for me, read “you can’t swim shit”. Well, no pain, no glory!


The bike is fixed, ready and cleaned. That’s all I can say about my progress, sadly. But I thought about taking part in the London Revolution event, which is 290 km in two days of may. The only thing is that it’s little expensive (170 £). I will decide by the end of next week.

Training plan

When I look at it now, it looks really dense.

Don't mind the hours, I like to run in the mornings as well.

But then, I look at myself in the mirror and I know it’s worth it. Also, I have only 161 days to the main event, but I already know that it won’t be the only one this year. Let’s see how many workouts I will skip!


Nothing special on this front. Oatmeal, berries, lean chicken, fish, olives, nuts, vegetables, fruits and protein shakes. I’m sure that I will need some extra carbohydrates from pasta or rice, but I will try to limit them to the absolute minimum. It’s not that I want to try any stupid “zero carbs” diet, it’s just I prefer to eat carbs from fruits elsewhere.

Just to figure out if I’m eating enough or not, I will write down everything I will eat this week.

Meanwhile I’m taking out chicken from the oven and starting my evening steady workout.