Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

I've finished my 4 weeks long running program, not missing a single workout (hell yeah!). It seemed difficult at start, but I don’t even know when these last 4 week have passed. On the other hand, I broke my bike on Thursday and I still don’t have it. I hate public transportation, busy trains and waste of time just sitting and waiting for my station. But hopefully today I will be able to resume my home - work - home cycling.


14 training sessions, 7800 calories, 125 km. It took almost 11 hours of my life ;). Distance is disappointing, but I've only cycled 7 times.

Weight oscillates between 75 and 76 kg, with around 20.5% body fat. Little progress is still progress. More important is that I feel stronger in everything I do (that’s including V Core classes as well) and that’s what gives the best motivation.


Today was the last day of my running program. In general it was one long run in zone 2, two 30 (ish) minutes runs in zone 3 and one interval run. Tiring, but doable. After first two weeks my body got used to new routine and even started asking for more. I've noticed that running with BPM around 130 (that’s the line between zone 2 and 3 for me), while being little slow, is too easy now. Also, maximum BPM intervals (around 175) are not destroying me that badly anymore. My heart rate adjusts quite fast now, creating almost vertical lines on BPM chart.


After deadlifts on Wednesday I had to cancel my swimming workout on Friday. Yes, my back hurt 3 days after that exercise, but it was so good that I’m going to do deadlifts every week now :D. On Friday I had very short swimming session, done 100% with freestyle. For next few weeks I’m planning to focus on excluding breaststroke from training completely, leaving it for warm up and cool down only. I will have one longer session (around 2 km, with breaks), one regular (around 1 km) and one interval on maximum speed. I don’t even know if I have maximum speed now, we will see!


One word - disappointment. 2 months old bike and I've already broken bottom bracket. Screw that, I’ll try to go for some group cycling class this week.

I've adjusted my training plan for next 6 weeks so it includes little more weight training to build up some strength. Yet it’s still focused mostly on cardio, endurance and distance building. Also, by the end of the month I should start swimming classes as well, details to follow. I've also prepared few topics for blog up front so I can publish new articles every day.


This song is so nice for slower runs, just love it. Meanwhile, have a nice week!