Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

This week passed very quickly. Despite bad weather and lack of strength I've managed to complete my training plan, go for shopping and even clean my bike. Now I’m waiting for chicken to be ready (as usual, cooking Sunday!)

Before we start with summary, just look at this video. It truly made me laugh :D.

On a fun front, if you are planning to buy new cycling jersey, you have to read this one before.


Here are some stats from last week: 15 training sessions, 9500 calories, 153 kilometers, (120 on bike, 4 in the water, rest - run), weight: 76kg, body fat: 20.6%

Some progress here, lost over 1% of body fat while more or less maintaining my weight. I took few V-Core classes at Virgin Active gym and I think I’ll make it a recurring thing. These classes last only for 15 minutes and are held at 1 PM, perfect for me.


No special cycling program, just traveling to work and back. Most of sessions were held around zone two and three, one after swim session in zone four (that was nice!). My bike after last week looked like fished out of the swamp, but today, after more than one hour I've cleaned every single piece of it. I've also put handlebars little lower, we’ll see how it goes.


I feel progress here, this week I've swum 3 x 1.4 km, most of that using front crawl (with breast stroke here and there to rest). There are 3 more weeks ahead of me to finish current program, after which I’m planning to take few technique classes (I even found personal trainer, details to follow later). All swimming was done in zone two, my breath is still holding me back.


I've managed to finish all four planned sessions, all of them at my local park. That means Mac has finished all four sessions as well ;). Right now he is sleeping off last run and I don’t think he will be willing to play today anymore. Anyway, last week of running program in front of me, after which I’m planning to take week off before I start another one. My calves are killing me, but cold bath should help. I love it and hate it at the same time. If you've tried, you know what I mean!.

Other than above, I went for shopping today and now I’m in the middle of cooking. For this week I will have sea bass and salmon, roasted chicken salad and Thai curry with stir fry turkey. I’m not going to make the same mistake again and all above will be prepared with pasta / rice. Turns out carbohydrates are good. I’m also planning to buy casein protein shake for evening recovery meals.

This month I should also buy new camera, so expect few food recipes in next weeks.