Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

I’m very cautious when it comes to groceries. I tend to read nutrition labels, product description and ingredients list. I just like to know what I eat. Yet what I’ve noticed is that many people see only front of any given product cover. If it says “organic”, “low fat” or “healthy” - it is good, right? Wrong. Actually - very wrong. So I took some time to show you few examples of what you can find in nutrition tables.

I know that there are many studies saying that the tables are outdated or inaccurate and somehow I can agree with that. Yet if there are two similar products and one has 3 times more added sugar in it - you don’t have to be genius to know it’s bad for you.

I took those photos while going through few products that people usually buy - something for breakfast, some snacks and sweets. Each pair was close at the shelf and had similar price. I don’t give product names, because that’s not the point of this post. I don’t want to tell anybody what product they should buy, but just to buy them consciously.

On the left - fat free yoghurt with 15g of added sugar and long ingredients list. On the right - full fat natural yoghurt, that contain: yoghurt.

another two examples of good product. Low in carbs, no added shit. Sad thing is that the one on the left is from the same company that produces “low fat crap” from previous example.

Most important meal of your day they say. You can chose between 67g of carbohydrates (23g of sugars) / 15g of fat and 58g of carbohydrates (1g of sugars!) and 9g of fat. Obvious choice, if you know about it.

Left is dark (85% I think), right one is something else, same company. Different values. I’m not saying which one is better, just mind what’s there.

Beef jerky. Healthy stuff, right? Once again, same company, one has 10 times more carbohydrates than the other. Easy to miss.

Two times more sugar and less fibre. And they say about eating “healthy”.

I had more, but you see the trend. Once again - both products looked usually almost the same, costed the same and sometimes were even produced by the same company. The Devil is in the detail, they say.

Remember - check ingredients, don’t buy anything with stuff you don’t understand, compare products and pick better one. Buy consciously!