Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

I was to write the “week summary” post, but then I realised that it’s already Tuesday and I don’t remember everything from last week anymore. Instead, just quick catch up with my progress and few words about me getting too addicted sometimes.

Last week I’ve continued with my swim and weights focused training. I’ve managed to pass 9000 kcal barrier, but without exhausting myself too much. I’ve spent 40 minutes in zone 5 (168 - 185 BPM) and almost two hours in zone 4 (148 - 167). Go hard or go home?

I’ve measured my VO2Max and it gave lifetime high 69! For me that’s the true measurement of my fitness level and I love the fact that it’s going up week after week. I’ll stick to whatever I’m doing now, since it seems to be working. My weight is 75kg now, with 20.1% of body fat (according to my scale). If I stop eating for a moment, I should break 20% barrier soon.

Last week I tried to focus more on cycling. First step was to be more aware when I cycle to work and back home, but it’s kindof difficult in this weather. Cold, wind, rain, snow, welcome to London 2013, the weather is shitty as usual. So what I did? I signed up for indoor cycling class in local Virgin Active gym. Description of the class stated, that “This freestyle indoor cycling class will strengthen the heart and burn fat using specialised stationary bikes”. Don’t know about the fat burning part, but based on following chart, they were not lying about the heart :)

indoor cycling
Damn, that class was difficult. So I’ve done it once again two days later.

Today I planned to go for that class again, but I was too late to get a spot. Damn, that pissed me off really bad. It’s not that I needed that workout today, in fact I can use some recovery time after deadlifts yesterday, but still, the feeling of missed workout is not nice at all.

I’ve said it before and I can say it again - working out is very addictive. In the beginning you have to push yourself to make any effort every single time, but at some point, and you can easily miss it, it grows into you and you start working out almost automatically. Perhaps the body knows when the workout is coming and just prepares itself? I don’t know, but there is definitely something. Anyway, imposed rest day, I will need to catch up. That brings me to my next point.

I’ve signed up for free training session this saturday organised by Leonard Cheshire Disability. They actually have a triathlon event at 1st of September. If the training session is nice, I will think about signing in for that one. I actually cannot wait for that session, it will be good to receive few advices from trainers. I will write my report on the training session in few days.