Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

Fuck. This is not how I planned this Sunday. We finally had few nice sunny days here in London and I just couldn't agree to make use of this nice weather. I started my day with a walk with Mac, ate high carb breakfast and went swimming. Later I ate tasty tuna steak and went for long cycle. My day ended with my hand in cast, broken nose and trashed bike. But step by step...

I couldn't find my rhythm at the beginning of swim, don't know why, but I was out of breath after only few pool lengths. So I switched for stroke extending drills. These are hard, but make me more aware of every stroke. The drill itself is all about correct shape and controlling where hand enters and exits water, and legs make almost all job here. Now I know that on triathlon I should save my legs, but it is still better to have some propulsion instead of two limp anchors :).

After drills I've switched to my usual routine, which is 400 + 200 + 4*100 + 4*50 m. I the end I swum around 2km in total, so it wasn't that bad. The day was still young so I decided to take my bike for the spin outside of London. I must say that I love country side roads, with lots of green around you and not that many cars.

Unless said green blocks your vision and one of not that many cars happen to be in your way on the intersection. Yep, I did it. One second of inattention and I already knew what will happen.

I've managed to hit the side of the car with almost full speed (don't think I've managed to brake at all), making huge dent in both doors and destroying the mirror. Thankfully nothing happened to anyone inside the car.

EDIT: I have checked the cycling data and it turned out that I was not going that fast after all. Last recorded speed was 19 km/h.

Nothing too serious happened to me either, but it must have looked terrible. I have two broken bones in my left hand, broken nose and few bruises. It could have ended much worse, and I got little scared when I saw my helmet, or should I say what was left of it.

That's why they've put me into collar, to prevent any potential damage to my spine. Procedures that save lives! Fortunately scans showed nothing other than said minor fractions.

My bike on the other hand.... Well, let's say this Pinnacle is a history. I should be able to salvage rear parts, but frame and front wheel (together with bars and shifters) are done. I have to call my insurance company and ask them what to do now.

What now? I need to go to check my hand on Wednesday and I'm planning to take few days off work and exercising. After that I will start running and I should still be able to take indoor cycling class. My swimming will take the biggest hit, but I will be ready in time for some open water training :)

I have five weeks before London revolution cycle and I am definitely going to make it. Because I say so.

What I've learned today:

  • Always wear helmet. It saved my life.
  • Money spent on insurance are money spent well.
  • If you don't see the road, it doesn't mean the road is not there.
  • Always be positive, it helps!

Anyway, I dodged a bullet today, of that I'm sure. But still I cannot wait to get on bike. New bike!