Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

I can say that 2013 was the year of changes. It started in London while I was working in big gaming company with even bigger plans ("we will be making 300 million $ per year" they said). I had plans with that company, long term plans. Well, the year ended up on the other part of the world in much smaller (yet still quite big for New Zealand) entertainment company that actually feels more like family sometimes. Life plots crazy scenarios. I started last year with publicly announced Goals and it worked well for me, so let’s make it a tradition.

I didn't have much time recently to work on blog or any side projects, but right now I'm done with all organizational matters. Yet I've managed to update the website, and with new version, there comes updated list. Ha, just realised that I've crossed another goal - cycle 6000 km in one year! Happy me!

If I learned anything last year is that sport is great. Swimming and running can be awesome, healthy food is actually better than crap food and it's quite easy to manage weight with proper approach. But also, that life is much more than just a sport and diet, that triathlon training can make you miss a lot of things and that you can easily forget about a lot of things you love to do. Hence the new, expanded list. It is still mostly fitness focused, but it goes much above triathlon. I’ve also decided to focus on Swimming and Running more and limit tri racing to 70.3. Full Ironman race will have to wait. It's not about that one race, but about making the best usage of the time I have. I wan't to try new things this year, conquer some fears and definitely travel more. I'm also working on health / cooking related project, more news to come soon!

I'd like to credit Joel with his Impossible project, as his work is great inspiration for me.

I need to point out something else here as well, as this becomes my main drive and motivation. Thing is, last year was not all fun for me. There were ups and downs that made me think about volatility of life. There is this thing that most people do not realise, or just don't want to. Death rate amongst humans is one per person. Life is too short for only one passion. Happy new Year!