Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

If you have seen this blog before then you are probably familiar with my list. While it is still a big source of motivation / progress check for me, here are a few things that I’d like to accomplish this year.

Train more consistently

I have weeks when I slack and weeks when I smash every single workout. I’d like to be more consistent. I know, sometimes it’s hard, especially when you put training in life context, but hey - nobody said it will be easy!

I should say “train more”, but that will come from consistency. I’m in the process of changing my gym and it should enable me to be more efficient with my time management - so I should have more time for training without compromising other commitments.

Race more

Last year I focused on Marathons so much that I haven’t done any race between April and September, not even a 5k fun run (not to mention a triathlon). This year it’s going to change and I plan to take part in more small events, even if only for training purposes.

Write more

1 post per week, 50 posts a year. That doesn’t sound too bad. On top of that I’m considering translating my blog posts into Polish.

Manage my time

Triathlon training is a balancing act and you have to keep all the plates spinning. There is not that much time that you can waste and I want to get better in time management. Even if it requires choosing between two things that I want to do (like watching some tv show versus going out for a dinner ;)).

Give back

Triathletes are really egocentric. Seriously, if you don’t see it, the you’re blind. But it is important not only to take, but also to give back. I will volunteer or some events when I have an opportunity this year. And I’m planning to build some tools that I think could be useful for some people.

There is also a lot of data that I’ve collected over last year and I think that sharing it could be beneficial.


I want to look on my list more often and update it more regularly. There are a few things there that will require time, like running 10 different marathons, but I also need challenges that can be completed in a smaller time frame. By that I don’t mean easy - just doable quicker.


Many years ago I ended up in quite a dark place and the only thing that kept me going was meditation. I remember that I was actually really good at it. Then I got lazy!

Right now I’m in a really good place and am really happy with my life. I can only imagine what meditation could bring to the table. Or better, instead of imagining it, just do it.

You have probably noticed that I didn’t say anything about training or racing. Yet my season is already planned till December 2015 and I will post it really soon. Meanwhile I’m enjoying rest of my holiday!