Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

Don't know if this was a good day or not. I broke my bike, I almost died on the gym, I skipped cycling session and still had to force myself to go for a run. Little tired, but still going.

On my way to work my bike started making noise louder than tractor in full power. Despite that I've arrived at Evans Cycles store in Spitalfields, hoping for fast repair. Turned out that my bike needs "part that we don't have in store", aka bottom bracket for FSA crankset. Nothing that special. Yet it is special enough to take four days to get. Well, hello public transportation.

I will try to use that time and attend few indoor cycling classes. I've always wanted to go, but usually I'm just two tired (see what I did here? :d) for that. Also my running training program ends this Sunday, so I will have more time and strength next week. I will post my thoughts and feelings on that program in few days.

I found out that there is another climbing enthusiast at my work, so I think I should renew my bouldering membership. Can't wait! I will have to start with lowest grade once again, but whatever, still fun.

Meanwhile my inner nerd has spoken and so I'm working on some neat addition to this blog, that would be also publicly available as a separate service. Stay tuned