Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

Ok, it’s far into June already, but I've been planning to set up monthly summary post for a longer time. Let's dig into anything that happened last month.


I took part in London Revolution ride. Very nice event that destroyed me a little. Definitely something that I will do again.


May was mostly focused on cycling and recovery. As some of you might remember, I had a crash in April and only started training again few weeks ago. If it gave me anything, is the ability to benefit from recovery days.

I've tried not to skip too many swim trainings and it paid off. I'm much more confident now in the water and my open water laps start to reassemble straight lines.

Oh, almost forgot. I made over 1000km in one month for a first time in my life. That's all of my training, most of that being cycling of course.


First goals finished! I've cycled 150km in one day and took part in cycling event. It's most difficult to begin, then it's easy, right?

Check my fitness goals for this year.


I've started to train on turbo trainer (I have Tacx Bushodo) and that's the first time when I have proper cycling workout. It makes all I've done so far feel like empty miles. Ability to go without any distractions with the exact effort I want is very refreshing. I am getting better at this as well, right now I'm able to maintain around 200 watts for an hour. Another thing is a power meter. While won't be able to afford one on my bike for a long time, the one inside turbo is just great. Entire different level of workout.

I've also got GPS module for my polar RCX 5, so I can track my running speed as well as my routes. On top of that it works with swim workouts, as long as I keep the sensor in my swim cap, as GPS does not work under the water.

Plan for June

Run more, stop weight training for now, get as much experience from my first triathlon as possible, wake up earlier and be more consistent with training.