Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

This is what happens when I have too much time. I get crazy ideas. Ideas like entering new forum and going for 200 km long ride across "the whole London" with bunch of people I don’t know. In a word - perfect Saturday.

I found a thread on London Fixed Gear and Single Speed forum which could be summed up with those words:

"Let's do all 32 London Boroughs in a day"
"in a spiral"
"you can't hit a borough more than once"
"So a 130km of hellish Outer London urban sprawl, then another 50 of busy as fuck zone 1?"

Ins't that great? After reading the summary I decided to give it a go. Mainly because I haven’t cycled at all since Lanzarote, but also I wanted to cross that 200 km in one day goal from my list. Well, mission accomplished.

I loved every piece of that ride, from getting lost (yep, few of us had Garmin gps devices and apparently we cannot use them!), getting soaked, eating in MCDonalds, cycling for 9 hours and not cycling for about 4, taking “finisher” photos with bunch of drunk chick at Trafalgar Square and getting home at 1 AM, technically the next day!

Too bad I haven’t found that forum before, as those guys are organising a lot of different rides!

This ride, together with getting there, ended up above 205 km, which means I've been able to cross out another goal from my list!

Garmin data available here