Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

I was very disappointed with the break I had to take because of the accident, but let’s leave that behind us already. I’ve been training out like crazy over past two weeks, I’m planning to cycle almost 300 km in the next two days. That will be a great test for my new bike ;).

I wrote about London Revolution already so I won’t repeat myself. Let me just add that I really cannot wait, despite the weather! On the other hand was not expecting anything better than we have right now. I just hope that there will not be much rain tomorrow (but knowing my luck...).

I will try to get some footage from the event, as well as gps data. My camera and extra battery is charged, so I’m ready (I haven’t checked where and when to go yet, nor what to take with me, nor if and what food will be provided, but I have charged my extra battery, I’ll be fine ;)).

In terms of training, I had to rearrange this week a little and take it easy today and yesterday. After all I want to finish this ride with smile on my face. But I consider my training plan more mature now, especially after the break. It is still built around cycling and getting as many kilometers done as possible, but I’ve added three proper cycling workouts - spin class, intervals on trainer and long cycle on weekend.

My swimming improved as well, I’m regularly doing more than 1.5 km with almost none breaks. Last time I’ve also received some random advice about my stroke from a random person (who was faster than me on every lap!) on my gym swimming pool. Thanks dude, whoever you are, that was very helpful. Will try to do better next time.

My stroke is still better that it was some time ago and I think that these had something to do with it: You can get them for 11£ on Wiggle. If that’s not cheap, I don’t know what is.

On top of that I’ve started swimming in open water, which turned out to be completely different world. Forget about breathing patterns, stroke technique and good lap time. Try to swim in straight line for start ;). I feel more confident now after only two times and I’m sure that I will be ready for my first triathlon.

I’ve been doing more core and weight training as well, adding squats and deadlifts to my weekly program. This should paid off with running and cycling speed. We’ll see. Oh, about running - got new shoes (Merrell road gloves) and even got elastic shoe laces. I love them!

But, running and swimming will have to wait, as it’s only 1 day to my trip. Damn, I need to pack! And probably get some food. Can't wait (I know, I've said it already).