Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

Ever since I've messed up the swim at Mumbles Triathlon (yes, it will haunt me for some time), I decided to dedicate more time of my training to swimming. It is still far from being great, but I feel much stronger after the last month of workout. On top of that I've managed to complete few swimming goals last week. I feel ready for London Triathlon!

I knew that I have to focus on two things - technique and open water confidence. Having that in mind I started a search for a swim coach and finally got one in my gym, Virgin Active at Tower Bridge. She said that while I don't need much help (how nice of her, didn't believe a single world :p) I can benefit from various drills. So I got program for 70 lengths, for every single part of stroke, as well as kick and breathing. Since I know it's far too early for fine tuning, I really like the broad approach. After only few sessions my stroke feels stronger, mainly because I now know what to focus on.

I will try to record the drills I'm doing as soon as I get into the pool with someone to hold the camera ;)

I've been swimming in either large pools (100m) or open water (lido and sea) every single weekend. My first open water training few months ago was a disaster as I was able to swim only one length without break, together with sighing problems and headache from cold water. Now it's ok for me to swim constantly for more than 40 minutes, a proper progress. Even the sea swim is not that scary anymore.

Last week I've also completed two swimming goals for this year - 4km without break and 1 hour swim without break. It was not planned, as I went just for steady swim in the local pool. But after 50 lengths I was feeling quite rested and decided to push for a longer distance. Now I can tell that 160 lengths is really long and boring. Next time I will definitely pick a larger pool for long distance swim. Anyway, 4km 1h 25m. Way better than I've expected!

For this week I plan to go for few steady swims in the lake / sea. And then - go and smash the race. 7 days!