Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

You can read loads and loads about every possible fitness activity, including running. From basic advice, through training programs, ending at advanced techniques, everything is covered. Yet there is one thing that is being omitted. Addiction!

My calves are killing me, I just cycled back home in terrible, cold London wind (read: this ride was not fun at all), and the best thing to do would be to take a shower and just go sleep.

Wrong! In fact, the best thing was to eat few raisins, change cycling clothes to running clothes, cycling shoes to my beloved Vibrams and go for a hour long run. Yes, it was still windy and cold and I am quite tired, but it was worth it. OK, that was simple run, not an achievement, but I think that these simple small things have the biggest impact on our goals. It's easy to say "I will go tomorrow, it's just one simple run", but I've been in that situation too many times. It was OK to skip one martial arts training, one gym session, eve one day at school :).Nope, not going to fall in this pit again.

I've noticed another thing instead. While being in the middle of January running program, I had to force myself into going out for a run. This time I feel totally different. Today I was actually waiting for this workout. I've even cycled faster to be able to go out for a run faster! Don't know about you, but I call it healthy addiction.

On a different note, it's been only 3 days so far of new program, but I don't have to force myself anymore. Quite opposite, I honestly cannot wait for the next planned workout as well as next week Triathlon Show 10 km run. I will try to make some photos from the whole event (unfortunately I won't be able to get my camera for that one, but it will be there for next one for sure).

Meanwhile I'm cooking sweet potato for my chicken salad. I've prepared salmon with vegetables and eggs for evening meal as well.

Speaking of evening meal, we have this thing in work that they sponsor our dinner 3 times per week. Usually it's pizza, some Chinese, Mexican, or other food from "no no" list. That's why I bring my own extra meal (low in carbs, full in proteins) and I can easily resist these greasy cravings. But today, just after I ate my tuna with beans and egg, sushi arrived (after all, it is Japanese company :p). I couldn't resist that at all! It's funny, when your unplanned cheat meal consists of few maki rolls and spinach something (sorry, don't know the name, but it was delicious spinach with sesame paste) :D.

Anyway, I've tried low carb diet before and it just didn't work. This time it's different. I still have breakfast full of carbohydrates and I added creatine / carbs mix to my post workout shake. On top of that I eat some raisins with cashews and dried figs (more carbs). What I did is completely cutting rice and pasta. Seems to be working fine. We'll see measurements at the end of the week.