Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

One of my goals for this year was to compete in any cycling event. I’ve been searching for something that would suit my schedule for weeks and finally I’ve decided to give London Revolution a try. While it's not a true race, it still looks like quite an adventure and I want to be part of it. At least once

The MITIE London Revolution from Threshold Sports on Vimeo.

The whole thing is about getting outside of the city and go for a nice long cycle outside of M25. Since I cycle a lot on busy streets, this will be a huge change for me - a change much needed to be honest. While I’m quite capable of cycling for hours, I haven’t got that much time recently, with run preparation last few weeks, run itself and recovery now. But I went for few longer sessions on south - east London last year and I just loved the countryside, small, almost empty roads, and, last but not least, nature.

London Revolution event is divided into two days, with night stop around Windsor. Saturday will be 160 km (100 miles) on not that hilly route, from east through north and west. Sunday, while only 130 km (80 miles), seems more challenging in terms of profile. All nicely described on the event website.

By the way, have you noticed how big London is?

The event itself is quite expensive (170£), but it looks like it’s worth every penny. On top of that, there are few things I want or need to buy. Bigger backpack, battery charger being most needed. I also want to take some footage from the whole race, but that is almost sorted out already, since I’ve ordered GoPro HD HERO 3!

Anyway, this is definitely not the last event I’m signing in this year, since I’ve already found few different races that I want to take part in. I just need to figure out necessary recovery time between them (not to mention that I have to figure out where to get funding for all that, since it all stack up to be quite pricey :p).