Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

I am truly amazed by how quickly the body can recover. Yes, my hand is still fractured and I cannot exercise too much, but I was expecting much worse. My face is almost healed and I even resumed workout today.

On Wednesday I went to hospital to check my hand. After few hours of waiting (can’t blame them really, many people were there) it took 5 minutes to find out that I don’t need a cast and simple wrist support will be enough.

I need to wear it for one week more and I can take it off whenever I can. It still hurts to make a grip, but it’s getting better. I’m also cleared to do whatever I want as long as I’m careful with the hand, as falling on it would most probably mean more problems. I should be able to go for a swim this week.

Meanwhile I’ve bought swim pads for stroke drills, and it should help distributing force to whole hand, meaning less pain. Will give it a try on Wednesday. I’m not that worried about swimming, there has been quite nice progress there recently. Also the weather is getting better, so I will be going for open water swim soon.

This Wednesday I also need to go to the hospital to check my nose, as it feels little harder to breath now. Don’t know if it’s temporary or will it need fixing - I’ll find out soon enough.

I’ve pushed things with insurance, the only thing left now is to get quote from bike shop saying how much will it cost to replace the bike. I’ve already been to Evans Cycles and figured out which bike I want to buy now (more on that to come soon!). They should to transfer money in two weeks, right on time. My London Revolution event is in few weeks, but I’d like to have a new bike at least week before, so I can get used to it at least a little.

Speaking of events, I’ve managed to run 10k Energizer Night Run event with almost embarasing time ;). Over 48 minutes on flat course is nothing to be proud of, but considering buised knee, broken hand, rain and night (it was a night run after all), I’m still happy. And the event itself was great, lot’s of people, many marshals at the course and a lot of fun after the race. I’ve managed to record some videos and will post them soon.

Meanwhile I’m planning to run much more in next few weeks. Since I cannot lift or grip anything, that seems to be only logical option here. Wish me luck in recovery!