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I’ve covered my general goals for 2015 already, so here is time for triathlon specific info. And yes, one of the goals is to beat the time above ;)

Ironman 70.3 Auckland

It’s sad that this is going to be the last time when Auckland is a host to Ironman 70.3 race. Apparently WTC was not able to gather enough people here and because of that they’re not going to extend the initial 3 year contract. They did buy Taupo half race, so there still will be Ironman branded half ironman in New Zealand.

Anyway, last year, after moving to New Zealand and being quite bad with my training, I did 5 hours 17 minutes. This year, while I’m using it as a training race before Taupo, I want to break 5 hours.

At the end of January I’m going for 4 days training camp to Christchurch.

Ironman New Zealand (March)

My first full! I was considering doing this race last year and I’m really glad I didn’t. 2014 was a great training year, with two marathon runs completed. I feel much better and confident now.

Goal? sub 11 hours.

Peoples tri Olympic distance race Auckland (April)

I did one in December and actually liked it a lot. It’s a training race, but the goal is to beat my previous time of 2 hours 22 minutes.

Noosa training camp (April / May)

There will be short camp in Australia at the end of April, but nothing has been finalised yet, so we will see. I will try to go, but it will all depend on the timing.

Ironman Cairns (June)

Last time I traveled for a race was back in 2013 for my first 70.3 race. I wanted to do that more, we also wanted to go for a holiday. So we chose Cairns. I took a risk and signed up for full Ironman distance. I can do it, right?

No time goal for now, I will decide after Taupo.

Taupo (July) and Auckland (October) Marathons

Haven’t signed up for those yet, so it might change, but it’s the first year when they will have full marathon distance in Taupo. And since triathlon season will be over by then - why not do some running?

For Auckland, if I decide to do it, the goal will be to beat my 3 hours 51 minutes from last year.

Supercamp with MaccaX and Challenge Laguna Phuket (November)

I joined MaccaX group a few months ago and it was probably the best triathlon related decision of 2014. Meeting more crazy people is always good and the quality of training information they provide is just ridiculous. There is a camp each year in Thailand just before Challenge race, so I’m going to go there to see everyone in person. I hope to push myself to a new level, not in volume, but in terms of technique and training execution on that camp.

The race course is not the fastest one apparently, so I don’t know what time to expect there. I will try to meet guys from Epic Camp run by John Newsom from IMTalk, as they will be there as well!

Ironman 70.3 Taupo (December)

As mentioned before, this is the first time when this race is an Ironman branded event. The problem is that it’s only 2 weeks after Phuket. On the other hand - I want it to be training before first race of 2016, so I should be able to get great value from it even if I’m not in the best shape then.

On the training note - I’m planning to pick up speed / strength work after 70.3 Auckland. Then, after a short break, from second part of March to mid June - endurance + strength. After Cairns - few weeks break followed by getting back to the gym and working on both bike and run power.

A year doesn’t seem too long when it’s written down almost month by month, does it?

What are your plans?