Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

It feels like I wrote 2013 summary just a moment ago. This year went way too fast!

I’ve kept myself busy. My racing goal for this year was to run marathon in preparation for Ironman New Zealand in March 2015. I run two (North Shore and Auckland) in 3:59 and 3:51, respectively. Not as fast as I hoped, but I guess you can’t have everything. It was a great step into long distance and I will get to 3:30 eventually, there is no rush!

My training was much more consistent when compared to 2013. I did 467 hours of training (increase from 443 hours in 2013) and 6250 km (decrease from 6720 km in 2014). This is somehow understandable, as in 2013 I was still living in London, cycling to work almost every day. In 2014 I only did that few times, hence the drop. I ran twice as much though (160 hours this year compared to 70 hours in 2013, or 1500 km compared to 615). As a result I feel much more confident and stronger with my running.

Few months ago I joined Waitakere Triathlon Club and it already affected my monthly training load, in a positive way of course. Looking at the graph there is nice progress and periodisation visible, which I’m going to focus on in upcoming months as well. The whole spreadsheet is available here.

On a non - training front, there were few changes as well. As I started new relationship I changed my studio flat in central Auckland for house 17km away. I bought motorbike. And a car. I sold my road bike and changed it for a basic 29er. I did lots of short holiday trips around New Zealand.

I’ve set my goals (both training and “other”) for 2015 already and I’ll post that update soon.

Meanwhile - Have a great year 2015. Make your dreams come true!