Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

Last week was the longest period without running ever since I started to dream about finishing a triathlon. And it felt soo good! I think I’ve fully recovered from Auckland Marathon and I’m ready to give my best in upcoming weeks. In 16 weeks I’m going to swim 3.8km, cycle 180 and run a full marathon in breathtaking Taupo. This is how I’m going to prepare for it.


Last two weeks I let myself go a little - no structured training, no runs longer than 30 minutes and no checking of Training Peaks. It was a much needed recovery after months of pushing myself into marathon distance. This week I’m starting again, with my usual volume (above 10 hours per week) but with lower intensity, just to get back to the regime.

Part one

On Saturday I’m taking a week off from work and traveling to Taupo. The plan is to really push my training volume there. I will do a few 5km swim sessions, cycle Ironman course multiple times and run off the bike as much as I can. The week will finish with the “Taupo Cycle Challenge” 160km ride around the lake. The purpose is to lay down a really good foundation for upcoming months: focus on volume with small amount of high intensity.

When I come back to Auckland - I have a couple of events laid down as well - 2.8km Ocean Swim and an Olympic distance triathlon. Both of these I want to do with my IM target pace, without any focus on race times.

Part two

In January and February I’m going to ramp up intensity of my training. I’m doing Ironman 70.3 Auckland with a goal to break 1h45m on the run. After that I’m going for a 4 days intensive, high volume training camp in Christchurch. By that time I plan to get my training up to 15 hours per week.

Part three

In the end of February and beginning of March I will reduce the volume and do more race pace training. Then I will have the greatest day of my life ;)!

Training Plan

This is how my typical week should look like.

Nothing crazy or weird - long rides / runs, bricks and some high intensity work.

I hope to lose 2 kg of fat during this training period. I know that that will require much more discipline that I had before, but with dedication - it should be possible. My nutrition is 95% where I want it to be, just need to stop snacking on chocolate and almonds ;)

Meanwhile, I’m getting pumped watching this video over and over again. One day I’ll get there...