Paweł ChalacisPaweł Chalacis

This was a long season. It started in London, went through Lanzarote and finished in Auckland in the middle of summer in January (or as the rest of the world call it - winter ;)). That’s why after finishing my 70.3 race I decided to take it little easier for couple of weeks. I let my nutrition go crazy, gained few kilograms (thankfully mostly due to weight lifting) and lost a lot of endurance.

I was too slow and too tired to have good photos taken :p. Instead - photo of Gomez and Brownlee fighing for 1st place!

I finished my slack period with Auckland ITU Olympic distance race. I can’t call it disappointment, as it was as bad as I predicted. 2:38:43 is definitely not something I can be proud of. I was not prepared, too heavy, too unfit, too tired. But I’ve finished it and had really good, relaxed time.

Now, there are new challenges on the horizon. There will be no races for couple of months, instead I will spend next 20 weeks building up for my first Marathon race.

Goal is simple - Run North Shore Marathon in less than 4 hours and Auckland Marathon in less than 3h45m. Therefore my training plan will focus on running mostly (4 times per week, building from 20km to 60km per week) with two long swim sessions (at least 3km). Rest of the week will be filled with some cycling, gym and climbing.

During the whole buildup I want to bring my body fat below 10% (that means losing about 5kg), which will require clean eating. I’m also going to post weekly progress posts together with some cooking / meal planning.

This is going to be quite busy time. Can’t freaking wait.